Gravity Rollers and Conveyor Mounts [New Products]

Gravity Rollers and Conveyor Mounts [New Products]

Creform Corp. has introduced a new low-profile version of its wide Placon gravity rollers and conveyor mounts. The Low-Profile Placon rollers, of which there are two types, are 80% of the height of the standard wide Placon conveyor. Its rail base is 32 mm to the top of the roller compared to 40 mm for its standard variety.

The new series helps minimize the vertical space needed for conveyors and can allow the user to fit more lanes in a given height or to squeeze rollers into a tight space.

The standard new system incorporates 18 mm dia. rollers with a 19 mm dia. center to center, and can be configured up to 3 meters long. Other roller spacing is available upon request.

Placon precision rollers provide stability, extra support and smooth flow for handling totes with non-smooth or soft bottoms and open cell designs as well as unpackaged parts. Two versions are available—black plastic rollers (PWL2 series) or stainless covered rollers (KWL2 series). The rollers are suitable for both standard and ESD applications. The stainless rollers provide enhanced durability when flowing sharp metal or otherwise abrasive parts or containers.

The mounts for 28 mm pipe and joint are plated steel with two types; a basic mount (EF-2092C) and mount with built-in drop stop (EF-2092DW). Custom mounts are available.

Applications for the rollers and mounts include factory and warehouse.

Creform Corp.

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