Heavyweight VLMs [New Products]

Heavyweight VLMs [New Products]

Integrated Systems Design (ISD) has introduced Heavy Weight Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), a new generation of VLMs designed to handle up to 2,204 pounds per tray. A VLM is a column with a series of trays in the front and back, and an insertion/extraction device that runs in the center of the column, delivering trays to an ergonomic pick window.

With the VLMs, every tray’s height is automatically scanned and stored in under four-inch increments with lighter capacity models optimizing in half-inch increments. The unit can also automatically shuffle the trays and re-optimize to find additional capacity.

With the new 2,204 pounds tray capacity, the VLMs can handle heavier products and materials, higher quantities of items, high value pallets and containers. Depending on the application, additional equipment can be integrated, such as carts, conveyors, pick and put lights, batch stations, weigh scales and bar code readers.

Integrated Systems Design


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