High-Capacity Layer Palletizer [New Products]

High-Capacity Layer Palletizer [New Products]

BEUMER Group has reengineered its high-capacity layer palletizer BEUMER paletpac, offering the user better accessibility, a shorter assembly period and higher flexibility. The BEUMER paletpac works with high-capacity machines to stack bags filled with bulk material on pallets gently and exactly layer by layer.

Applications include cement, mortar, pellets, industrial salts and fertilizers filled in paper, polyethylene or polypropylene bags. Owing to the geometric precision during layer and stack formation, stable bag stacks are formed. Multiple pallet loads created with the BEUMER paletpac can be stacked on top of each other to save storage space.

Until recently, the system was equipped with large drives. Now small motors carried out as servo drives are used and optimize the energy consumption needed for the lifting movement.

Another important modification is that the external frame elements can now be folded, allowing the whole palletizer head to fit into one transport container. The palletizing head doesn't have to be dismounted and the total amount of containers sent to the customer can be reduced. This helps alleviate the transportation costs and shortens the assembly period on site.



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