High-lift Mast Order Picker [New Products]

High-lift Mast Order Picker [New Products]

Crown Equipment Corp. has introduced the Crown MPC 3000 Series order picker, which combining the versatility of a counterbalance forklift and a pallet truck. The MPC Series features a high-lift mast that provides operators the flexibility to order pick, stack, replenish and transport pallets with the use of one lift truck.

The Crown MPC Series can perform across a variety of applications—ranging from unloading at the dock to transport and put-away. Operators can raise and lower the forks as they build pallets at a comfortable height, minimizing back strain and saving time.

An overhead guard design provides a better view for operators who need to position forks and loads at height. Sensors monitor steer wheel angle, fork height and load weight to adjust speed and acceleration for cross-docking and long-distance transport.

The counterbalance design of the Crown MPC Series provides full clearance of the forks from the load wheel. This approach allows operators to save space by packing pallets closer and conserve effort by fitting under conveyors easier.

Crown Equipment Corp.


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