Hydraulic Scale for Forklift Trucks [New Products]

Hydraulic Scale for Forklift Trucks [New Products]

RAVAS has introduced the RCS Hy-Q, a hydraulic scale for counterbalanced trucks and reach trucks.

The RCS Hy-Q is insensitive to changing load center positions, and is suitable for use in combination with (paper) roll clamps and side shifters. It does not require a manifold block or return line to the hydraulic tank of the truck; an uncommanded descent of the forks because of a stuck valve is not possible.

The weighing is done up and down: The load is lifted, and then lowered past two sensors on the mast within a predefined speed bandwidth. Weighing up and down averages out influences from asymmetrical friction in the mast, as may happen with eccentric load center points.

The RCS Hy-Q has a dedicated, full color graphic display. The upper half of the display shows the weight in a blue field, if the load has been lifted and lowered with the proper speed, for best accuracy. If the load was lifted or lowered too fast or too slow, this field is red. The actual lifting / lowering speed is shown in the bottom right corner of the display. In the center of the display there is a load bar: it shows how much of the lifting capacity of the truck is used. Green means safe, yellow means close to 100% lifting capacity, red means overload.


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