Increased Labor Productivity in the Warehouse [New Products]

Increased Labor Productivity in the Warehouse [New Products]

RMG Networks has introduced its new Labor Productivity Improvement solution for supply chain warehouses and distribution centers that is designed to improve supply chain efficiency by up to 20%. The tool provides real-time, highly visible metrics and data that enable employees to see how they are performing against goals, when they can adjust their behavior/production and maximize productivity/profitability.

With RMG’s Labor Productivity tool, supply chain operators can instantly transmit real-time metrics (e.g., picking and packing rates by team or individual members; rankings; actual versus goal performance) via scoreboards on large displays and desktop dashboards to employees on the manufacturing or warehouse floor, enabling them to better make informed decisions on a moment-by-moment basis. The data also can be pushed to mobile devices, enabling management to monitor activity from any location or through preset threshold alert notifications.

The Labor Productivity Improvement solution is targeted to the more than 500,000 distribution centers in the United States, as well as global supply chain operations.

RMG Networks

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