Industrial Ethernet Connectivity [New Products]

Industrial Ethernet Connectivity [New Products]

Siemens has announced that its Sinamics G120 drive system has been enhanced to include Ethernet/IP connectivity, providing flexibility for industrial Ethernet communication while offering capabilities for those wanting a single network for the entire plant. 

In many instances, plant managers have the requirement for a single-plant network, particularly with material handling companies. The Sinamics G120 drive provides communications without limits to a specific network type.

Sinamics G120 drives support, as standard, Profibus DP and Profinet to ensure seamless communications between every component involved in a typical automation solution, including HMI (operator control and visualization) and I/O. Additional higher-level functions, including Safety Integrated telegrams and synchronized mechanisms for even the highest level control applications are also included. 

Profinet can transmit operating and diagnostics data simultaneously to enterprise-level systems using standard IT mechanisms (TCP/IP) for an integrated factory environment. The new addition of an EtherNet/IP stack offers another option for Sinamics G120 users. Having the flexibility to communicate with the most common automation systems via Profinet or EtherNet/IP makes the Sinamics G120 drive system adaptable to the current Industrial Ethernet boom.

Siemens AG

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