Industrial Labeling Solution [New Products]

Industrial Labeling Solution [New Products]

K-Sun Corp. has introduced the LW-PX900, the next generation of multi-industry, label, heat-shrink tube and bar code printers.

K-Sun and Epson co-developed this rugged, portable and PC-compatible thermal transfer printer by creating smart features based on user feedback. The LW-PX900 is designed for safety and facility professionals for safety/compliance, quality improvement and 5S/lean/visual workplace labeling.

Features include:

• Drop-Stop holds a label after it is cut so it won’t drop out of the printer. This feature works with a single label or with the Pick & Print mode for a series of labels.

• Pick & Print automatically pauses after printing and cutting the first label in a series and resumes printing/cutting when the label is removed, eliminating the need to continuously type and print labels.

• Mixed-Length lets the user create a strip of variable-length labels with a half-cut for easy removal and application, significantly reducing tape waste.

• Removable magnetic feet allow the printer to mount on a metal surface to free up hands for better productivity.

Additional cost- and tape-saving features include a reduced lead margin of 4mm and adjustable left/right margins down to 1 mm. Industry-specific hot keys simplify template selection for wire wraps, patch panels, face plates and punch blocks.

The LW-PX900’s 360-dpi, high-speed printing produces highly visible and detailed single, continuous and die-cut labels. The user can add bar codes, and print wire flags, cable overwraps and heat shrink tube. Other features include alphanumeric sequencing, auto-repeat, auto-cut, 13 languages and a 99-file printer memory.
PC-based models include the Label Editor Professional software with data import capabilities, 15 bar codes (including QR), 1,000+ industrial symbol library and nine industry catalogs with hundreds of label/sign templates.



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