Industrial Power Battery Chargers [New Product]

Industrial Power Battery Chargers [New Product]

GNB Industrial Power Division product line of 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V and 80V three phase industrial battery chargers for electric lift trucks and other material handling equipment has received energy efficiency certification from the California Energy Commission (CEC).  EHF high-frequency chargers use less electricity - resulting in increased utility savings, a higher power factor (the percentage of electricity that is delivered and used effectively), and efficiency optimization. Reduced maximum input currents allow for reduced circuit breaker, cabling and distribution equipment sizes. The charger also ensures that the charging current and voltage remain constant during any mains fluctuations, guaranteeing a constant and optimized charge. End-of-charge is detected by the change in voltage over the change in time measure (dV/dt) to avoid risk of undercharge or overcharge--meaning more efficiency. An optimized charge profile, incorporating a temperature compensated charging algorithm and a programmable 80 percent charge termination, contribute to maintaining optimum battery performance and battery health.




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