Inflatable Protective Packaging System [New Products]

Inflatable Protective Packaging System [New Products]

Pregis has launched Pregis AirSpeed Fit, an inflatable protective packaging system engineered for compact packing stations. The system produces both air pillows and wrappable void-fill, and is designed to address the fulfillment needs of the omni-channel retailer. 

The 11- x 13- x 9-inch AirSpeed Fit weighs 15 pounds, making it suitable for even the smallest “ship-from-store” spaces. It can produce 8- x 4-inch or 8- x 8-inch air pillows, as well as a quilted wrappable void fill which cradles the product, forming a protective cushion.

The product is designed as a replacement for traditional void fill, as well as ½-inch, premade bubble.

Pregis LLC

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