Inflate on Demand Protective Packaging [New Products]

Inflate on Demand Protective Packaging [New Products]

Automated Packaging Systems has introduced a new AirPouch FastWrap High Loft protective packaging material with extra tall cellular cushions. The new High Loft material uses the same quilted bubble pattern as traditional FastWrap materials, but with 1.25” high air cushion cells, which are 66% higher than standard 0.75” cells. This extra height provides cushioning for protective packaging applications.

AirPouch FastWrap High Loft functions as a firm, thick cushioning material when top or bottom filling boxes. The patented honeycomb pattern allows the material to bend around corners and supports multi-directional wrapping with product protection in minimal space. A proprietary air channel between cells distributes air evenly throughout multiple cells, maintaining protection by eliminating “popped” bubbles.

All AirPouch FastWrap materials are inflate-on-demand. EZ-Tear perforations every 6.75 inches help to minimize waste and to get the precise amount of material needed.

Automated Packaging Systems

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