Intelligent Automation Solution for Conveyors [New Products]

Intelligent Automation Solution for Conveyors [New Products]

Lenze Americas has introduced an intelligent automation solution package combining the Lenze p300 Panel Controller and the Lenze i500 Frequency Inverter.

The smart solution integrates a PLC tooling interface to reduce engineering requirements and troubleshooting of automated machines and systems.

The intelligence behind the Lenze automation solution is the p300 Panel Controller, which unites the Codesys-based sequence control and visualization in a flat device.

Designed for basic to medium complexity control and visualization tasks, the p300 provides for uniform engineering in all phases of the machine development process. Ready-to-use templates and libraries simplify the handling of visualization displays, with plain text diagnostic information presented in different languages. The space-saving p300 unit is designed for direct installation on the control cabinet door.

The Lenze i500 Frequency Inverter features a streamlined design and scalable functionality for conveyors and other applications.

Lenze Americas

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