Intelligent Collaboration Platform [New Products]

Intelligent Collaboration Platform [New Products]

SAP Ariba has launched the latest release of Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain, an intelligent collaboration platform that enables companies to connect with partners and manage all of their direct materials procurement activities in one place.

The solution provides a simple, smart and open way to drive an efficient digital supply chain, connecting all systems and stakeholders through a global platform – the Ariba Network. Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain is a cloud-based solution embedded into a user’s planning and execution systems, enabling them to collaborate in real time with multiple tiers of trading partners across direct materials procurement.

Using the solution, companies can:

• Accurately track and assess availability of supply.

• Identify and respond to unplanned supply chain events to prevent disruptions to their business.

• Reduce excess inventory and costs from their supply chains.

SAP Ariba

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