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Intelligent Reefer Cargo Management

CargoSmart Connected Reefer Solution is an AI-based reefer cargo management solution for ocean carriers and shippers.

CargoSmart Connected Reefer Solution is a reefer cargo management solution for ocean carriers and shippers. The AI and IoT-enabled solution features end-to-end information transparency, including enhanced reefer container Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) support, real-time container status monitoring updates, and predictive cargo arrival status.

CargoSmart Connected Reefer Solution is a product under CargoSmart’s AI-driven IoT product series for supply chain management, named SAIOT (Supply-Chain Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things). The solution is powered by an IoT device that was co-developed by CargoSmart and Shanghai Maritime University. The device is equipped with built-in multiple sensor capabilities including the detection of container temperature, humidity, location, environment, motion, shocks and impact.

Leveraging AI and IoT technologies, CargoSmart Connected Reefer Solution intelligently identifies any deviation or disruption from the container and diagnoses whether it is a result caused by a normal or abnormal operation event. In the event of an abnormal exception, the solution triggers a smart alert to the carrier or corresponding cargo owner for immediate response, minimizing the risk that might impact cargo value. The feature is capable of reducing up to 97% of false alarms.

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