Intermediate Bulk Containers [New Products]

Intermediate Bulk Containers [New Products]

Buckhorn Inc. has expanded its Intrepid intermediate bulk container product line as its 48” x 40” Intrepid is now available with or without a drop door in top or bottom discharge configurations. The bottom discharge is designed specifically for ease of use for liquid applications, while the drop door provides better access to contents and improves ergonomics when installing a disposable liner.

The container is designed to solve some of the problems users experience with corrugated bins and wood pallets, including leakage, shifting off the pallet during transport, debris, dust, and limited one-time use. Constructed of FDA approved material, Intrepid is reusable and 100% recyclable.

Intrepid can be used for temporary storage, work in process, incoming ingredients, shipments among plants and shipments to customers.  Its heavy duty design can handle loads up to 2,500 lbs. The container's non-sequential folding panels assemble and collapse in seconds. Intrepid is stackable with or without lids, and it offers a 3.3:1 return ratio. Up to 240 containers fit in a 53' trailer. 

Buckhorn Inc.


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