Inventory Planning and Execution [New Products]

Inventory Planning and Execution [New Products]

Softeon has introduced its Plan2Fulfill solution, which optimizes inventory levels and deployment in consideration of near-term forecasts. Plan2Fulfill is a tightly integrated, closed-loop solution that optimizes demand and inventory management, connected with fulfillment execution.

The elements of the Plan2Fulfill solution include:

• A forecasting engine that provides more than 30 forecast models, matching the right model to each product based on its history and other parameters.

• “Demand sensing” capabilities that adjust near-term forecasts based on point-of-sale or other demand signals on a continuous basis.

• Inventory management functionality dynamically sets target inventory levels across the network, and automatically creates replenishment orders based on a variety of parameters and policy settings.

• A “milestone management” module that enables users to see and manage key events across a product’s lifecycle, from conception through launch and beyond, including promotional activity.

• Integrated procurement functionality that creates orders for vendors in a way that minimizes total supply chain costs

• A warehouse management system to power actual DC order fulfillment across channels

Softeon’s Plan2Fulfill solution offers a number of additional features, such as the ability to forecast demand for components of a finished product and other derived demand, functionality related to new product introductions (NPI) and product crossovers, and support for multiple languages.


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