IoT-enabled Delivery Service [New Products]

IoT-enabled Delivery Service [New Products]

Savi has launched ETA as a Service (ETAaaS), which provides granular estimated time of arrival (ETA) information on when goods will arrive at their intended destination.

Savi’s proprietary advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics solution processes multiple real-time data sources, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and historical information and transforms the data into actionable intelligence. ETAaaS is designed to help manufacturers reduce out-of-stocks, improve cross-docking and optimize inventory management across the entire supply chain. 

Savi ETAaaS provides organizations with real-time alert notifications to quickly highlight if goods will arrive later or earlier than expected. It is a scalable, SaaS analytics solution that processes massive amounts of machine-to-machine (M2M) data, including telematics, real-time sensor and historical data, and applies advanced machine learning algorithms to transform the data into actionable analytics designed to improve ETA estimates. 



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