Labeling Solutions [New Products]

Labeling Solutions [New Products]

Aigner Label Holder’s Bin·Clip (shown) clips on most standard size bins and can be readily moved to other locations. The easy clip-on compression clamp makes label changing and bin rotating a simple process. Bin-Clips are bar code-compatible to ensure accurate and consistent scanning. The UV treated clear window cover protects label inserts against dust, abrasion, humidity, chemical and light.

Deck·ID Label Holder features two simple components to add signage or labels to pallet racking when utilizing wire decking. The user places printed inserts into the clear, bar code-compatible PVC holder, slides them onto the clip, and place them anywhere on the wire decking. Deck-ID is designed to fit between the 2” centers of standard 6 gauge wire decking and stay secure.

Aigner Label Holder

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