Lift Truck Scale [New Products]

Lift Truck Scale [New Products]

IVDT has introduced the SkidWeigh ED2/3-EP with Lift Accurate technology lift truck scale designed specifically for the Class III, electric pallet jack market. The unit provides end users with weigh recovery that is +/-.99% of rated capacity. Users can turn their pallet jacks into mobile weight recovery systems.

The system installs in two hours or less, calibrates in minutes and does not require on going calibration or service. The lift truck scale is designed for pre-shipping weight definition, material handling applications where space is a concern, or truck delivery processes where weight is required for transactional pur

The ED2/3 system also has various printer options, including labeling and bluetooth capability. Designed for the material handling industry the scale fits onto any pallet jack.

Integrated Visual Data Technology Inc.


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