Lift Truck Upgrades [New Products]

Lift Truck Upgrades [New Products]

New options have been introduced by Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA) to its line of Jungheinrich lift trucks that will offer increased reach heights, greater lifting and towing capacities, and improved operator control and energy efficiency.

Updates were made to the ETV C moving mast reach trucks, EKS 110 order pickers, EJC 220 pedestrian stacker and EZS 570/580/590 tow tractors. These updates include improvements in:

Energy Efficiency: Powerful, low-maintenance AC technology in the drive, lift and steering motors offers powerful acceleration, greater operational availability due to maintenance-free motors without carbon brushes, brush springs or commutators and longer operating times.

Increased Productivity and Capacity:

• The Jungheinrich ETV C16 and ETV C20 electric sit-down moving mast reach trucks (shown), with solid pneumatic tires, can now reach lift heights up to 24 feet, transport loads of up to 4,400 pounds and are able to work in aisles as narrow as nine feet. The super elastic tires are designed to operate inside buildings and outside on uneven floors.

• The ultra-compact EKS 110 order picker is designed for picking parts within the first three levels of a racking system. Travel and lift functions are designed to work simultaneously in order to expedite the picking of parts. The cushioned platform provides relief for the operator to promote higher productivity.

• The Jungheinrich EJC 220 pedestrian stacker is a new addition to the EJC B14-B16/EJC 214-216 product series. This stacker is capable of transporting up to 4,400 pounds and can reach lift heights over 15 feet.

• The EZS 580 and 590 are new additions to the Jungheinrich EZS 570 tow tractor series, providing increased towing capacities up to 19,800 pounds. The tow tractors also feature a new chassis design with a modern look and improved operator comfort.

Operator Security and Comfort: To help improve operator performance, security and comfort, several updates have been made to these four Jungheinrich products families. Enhancements on selected models include improved operator display panels, featuring a large 4-inch color screen and SOLO-PILOT individual hydraulic control levers. Optional security features such as steel bumpers, weather-proof cabins and various alarms to alert operators on maximum lift, weight and towing capacities are also available.


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