In-Line Vehicle Sequencing App [New Products]

In-Line Vehicle Sequencing App [New Products]

IQMS has introduced its fully automated In-Line Vehicle Sequencing (ILVS) application. Designed to solve automotive supplier sequencing challenges, the In-Line Vehicle Sequencing app tracks and arranges every piece associated to a reusable tote/container for full traceability, compliance and part history.

The In-Line Vehicle Sequencing application calculates the sequence in which automotive parts are to be packaged based on EDI generated sales orders.

Manufacturers can create verification labels for each individual part, then scan those items toward the sequenced tote as they are packed. Upon completion, a mixed holding label is generated for the container to be scanned toward a pick ticket, allowing manufacturers to deliver a very specific sequence of parts to a vehicle assembly line with ease.

With an end-to-end software solution that covers every aspect of the business, from ERP to MES, MRP, financials, order management, WMS, EDI, CRM and more, manufacturers gain end-to-end traceability and improved customer satisfaction when picking, packing and shipping their sequenced parts.

The In-Line Vehicle Sequencing application is compatible with EnterpriseIQ 2014 or subsequent versions.



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