Lithium-Ion Battery for Walkie Pallet Truck [New Products]

Lithium-Ion Battery for Walkie Pallet Truck [New Products]

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA) has introduced its new lithium-ion (110 Ah) 24-volt battery option for its Jungheinrich EJE 120 walkie pallet truck available in North America.

Using the latest lithium-ion technology, the Jungheinrich maintenance-free battery features a life expectancy of up to 3,000 discharge cycles.

Features of the Jungheinrich EJE walkie pallet truck with lithium-ion battery include:

• Unrestricted usage and quick charging capacity—The Jungheinrich lithium-ion battery does not emit gas or utilize acid, allowing it to be used in sensitive applications like food storage.

• Increased vehicle availability and high level of energy efficiency—The battery may be used continuously in multi-shift operations.

• Optimized charging processes with high-frequency charger—Extremely short charging times allow for a high level of vehicle availability and greater flexibility for day-to-day warehouse tasks. Fifty percent of the battery is reached after 85 minutes of charging time. Full charge is reached after 210 minutes, and the charge can be interrupted at any time with no adverse effects.

• No battery maintenance—The lithium-ion battery is maintenance-free, largely eliminating the cost of battery upkeep, maintenance and infrastructure. In addition, the enclosed design (IP54 rating) protects the battery from dirt, dust and splashed water.

• Integrated Battery Management System (BMS)—The Jungheinrich BMS continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation. The current charge state appears in the vehicle’s display (SOC) and includes the recovery of battery power.

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA)

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