Loading and Stabilizing Spotted Trailers [New Products]

Loading and Stabilizing Spotted Trailers [New Products]

Stabiljack offers an ergonomic way to load and stabilize spotted trailers. It employs a wide-spread, twin jack system with 100,000 lbs. of capacity. This two jack system tolerates the eccentric loading as well as rocking motion of trailers as they’re loaded or unloaded by material handling equipment.

The unit rolls into place by exerting only eight pounds of force. The twin jacks can be conveniently lowered or raised simultaneously by an onboard crank (M1 model) or a push button (M2 model). The positioning of the unit is done manually and guided by an onboard flag. The flag helps determine its proper position in two axis. It also alerts backing tractors of the Stabiljack presence under the truck in daylight hours.

Reflective tape and photoluminescent strips communicate presence in night operations. Onboard brakes prevent the unit from wandering on sloped approaches while the unit is stored.



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