Local Fleet Management Tool [New Products]

Local Fleet Management Tool [New Products]

Telular has launched Ops Center, a new fleet management portal and mobile app from SkyBitz Local Fleets. Vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage are some of the real-time automated reports that Ops Center can provide users.

Ops Center Mobile, available for iOS and Android, gives fleet managers remote access to their fleet from anywhere. The mobile app features the following:

• The ability to see live vehicle locations and current activity metrics. See the tracks for the current day or any previous date up to six months for any vehicle.

• Get turn-by-turn navigation to any vehicle’s current location or to any reported location that the vehicle has been.

• Allows the user to send and receive messages to and from the drivers.

• Receive maintenance alerts and message alerts about any vehicles in the account.

Telular / SkyBitz


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