Mobile Workforce Solution [New Products]

Mobile Workforce Solution [New Products]

Honeywell’s Dolphin 75e hand-held computer is a versatile multimodal device that allows users to use a variety of input and output modes.

With the Dolphin 75e device, mobile professionals can use complex, data-intensive applications with multiple input modes, including speech, stylus, touch, and keypad gestures; to get more work done with fewer errors in less time. The 75e empowers workers to capture different kinds of information than traditional single-purpose devices, such as 1D and 2D barcode scans, voice notes, digital signatures, and annotations on images, generating information to help improve inventory management, close more sales, and enhance customer service.

Equipped with the latest battery technology, the 75e powers through a full shift and beyond without interruption to replace or recharge the battery. The pocketable design and easy-to-use interface lends itself to personal device usage and encourages fast and easy adoption with minimal training resources. The 75e offers a 4.3” Corning Gorilla Glass multi-touch screen that is viewable even in sunlight and a durable IP67-rated design, so the device keeps working even if it is dropped or completely immersed in water, making it suitable for use in the retail backroom, busy shopping areas, or in hectic line-busting environments.

With the choice of Microsoft Windows and Google Android operating system configurations, enterprises can take advantage of the flexible support and migration platform that can be customized according to use case and that integrates with existing and future IT infrastructures.

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility (HSM)

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