Modular Rotary Encoders for Mobile Robots [New Products]

Modular Rotary Encoders for Mobile Robots [New Products]

Heidenhain has introduced the modular Renco R35i and RCML15 rotary encoders for motion and speed feedback control in automated guided vehicle (AGV) projects used in distribution warehouses, manufacturing plants and medical facilities.

The RENCO R35i rotary encoder features a modular design without an integral bearing. Its special properties are its compact design with a 35 mm outside diameter and only 14 mm height as well as its self-centering mounting thanks to a patented slide lock.

The RENCO RCML 15 rotary encoder offers similar reliability along with the OPTP-ASIC technology while having a height of only 8.9 mm, offering an alternative to the R35i with a very low mounting profile.

AGVs are mobile wheel-based robots designed to carry a load through a facility without an onboard operator or driver. The Renco brand R35i and RCML15 rotary encoders provide motion and speed feedback in AGV motors which operate a multitude of the axes, with the most common axis being the motors used on the AGV drive wheels.

Heidenhain Corp.

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