Motorized Trolleys [New Products]

Motorized Trolleys [New Products]

Columbus McKinnon Corp. has expanded its CM Universal Trolley offering to include new motorized units in addition to its plain and geared models, designed to help users reduce inventory costs while increasing inventory flexibility.

The Universal Trolley allows a single trolley to be used with virtually all CMCO powered chain hoists up to three-ton capacities. This reduces the need to have multiple types of trolleys in inventory, thus alleviating stock constraints at distributorships.

Available in one-, two- and three-ton capacities, motorized Universal Trolley units are suited to applications requiring high cycling or long-distance hoist travel. Motorized units are available with traverse speeds of 15, 35 and 75 FPM. Single-speed, three-phase controls are standard.

The motorized Universal Trolley features an easy-access control box that allows the entire cover to be removed for quick access to key components. The control box case also has a white background for increased visibility when wiring up the panel or adjusting controls. The electrical panel on motorized units can be used as a tool tray to hold items when repairing or servicing the hoist.

In addition to motorized units, the CM Universal Trolley is also available as a convertible plain model or a geared model ideal for precise hoist positioning.

Columbus McKinnon Corp.


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