Multi-Wheel Caster [New Products]

Multi-Wheel Caster [New Products]

Twergo from Caster Concepts is a multi-wheel-in-one caster wheel, with a patented face design that helps reduce energy exerted to start, turn and continue rolling.

Twergo (an acronym for Twin or Triple Wheel Ergonomic) comes with twin or triple wheels that rotate separately, reducing friction when turning, resulting in less force exerted to turn.

Twergo’s parabolic wheel face with tapered tread design—coupled with a 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 wheel configuration—promotes a tight turning radius, as well as increased ergonomics and ease in starting and maneuvering carts.

Twergo offers a 25% reduction in forces needed to move a manual cart. This means you can either add more weight to the cart, or use less force to move the existing load.

Caster Concepts will be at ProMat 2015, booth 5244.

Caster Concepts Inc.

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