Nestable Tipping Trucks [New Products]

Nestable Tipping Trucks [New Products]

Akro-Mils has announced its Akro-Tilt Trucks now nest fully assembled for shipping. As many as four of these trucks can stack on a single pallet.

Akro-Tilt Trucks are versatile tipping trucks for heavy-duty work. These trucks allow one person to handle bulk, heavyweight jobs up to 2,000 lbs. Units utilize full frames with steel under the top rim.

Its wide mouth and low profile are designed for easy loading. Its fully welded and reinforced, powder-coated 13-gauge frame is optimized for automatic dumper applications, and is corrosion-resistant.

Akro-Tilt Trucks now come in 14 models, including seven with forklift channels, which allow loaded trucks to be lifted, moved and maneuvered more easily. Optional lids are available.



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