Omni-channel Distribution Solutions for Apparel Industry [New Products]

Omni-channel Distribution Solutions for Apparel Industry [New Products]

Dematic has introduced new automated technology and software solutions that empower retailers and wholesalers to meet the specific requirements of apparel distribution and order fulfillment.

These solutions address the common issues associated with omni-channel retailing, such as order fulfillment costs, margin pressure, SKU proliferation, order processing accuracy and inventory visibility. Actual system configurations depend on business volume, geographic constraints and logistics philosophy.

The new Dematic automated and software solutions for e-commerce order fulfillment and retail store replenishment include:

Light-Directed Put-to-Store for Apparel Store Replenishment: A high performance solution for operations with a large number of SKUs and low-to-high order volume.

Batch Pick-to-Sorter for Apparel e-Commerce Fulfillment: A large volume piece picking solution well suited for a wide variety of order profiles.

Automated Storage with Goods-to-Person Workstations for Apparel Omni-Channel Distribution: A solution for high density storage of apparel items that feed order picking workstations.


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