Operational DC/Warehouse Analysis [New Products]

Operational DC/Warehouse Analysis [New Products]

Honeywell has launched Operational Acuity, a portfolio of solutions that captures and analyzes operational data from distribution center and warehouse operations to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase safety compliance.

Consisting of a suite of software and data collection capabilities that leverage Honeywell mobile technology, Operational Acuity uses data collection, aggregation and predictive modeling techniques to produce actionable recommendations to help supply chain and logistics leaders achieve new levels of performance and value. The Operational Acuity portfolio features two initial solutions: Vehicle Performance and Workflow Performance.

The Vehicle Performance Solution leverages existing network and Honeywell vehicle-mounted computer investments and includes a new vehicle sensor unit, badge reader and video cameras. This equipment enables vehicle access control and driver authentication; videotapes vehicle operation and worker performance; and senses, detects and documents any vehicle impact—such as a minor bump of a pallet—or incident. When user-defined alerts occur, supervisors are notified on their mobile phones and can resolve them remotely or locally at their discretion. The solution provides management with valuable performance insights to improve worker safety and compliance, analyze damaged goods incidents, optimize vehicle use, and better control vehicle operating and maintenance costs.

To identify opportunities to optimize a worker’s day, the Workflow Performance Solution captures and analyzes how mobile workers in a distribution center perform various functions, and measures their proficiency using existing Honeywell Vocollect voice solutions. This helps management assess the value of process enhancements to various workflows, identify and eliminate causes of inefficiencies, maximize worker performance, and find worker training and support opportunities.

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