Order Fulfillment in the Cloud [New Products]

Order Fulfillment in the Cloud [New Products]

Oracle has expanded the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud with two new products, Oracle Order Management Cloud and Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud. These two products provide order promising, management, visibility and fulfillment capabilities, and link the existing quote and sales process in Oracle Configure, Price and Quote Cloud (Oracle CPQ Cloud) and the pick, pack and ship processes in Oracle Inventory Cloud to billing in Oracle ERP Cloud.

Oracle Order Management Cloud is an order capture and fulfillment Cloud solution that is tightly integrated with Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud. It is designed to improve order handling across the order-to-cash process. Pre-integration, centrally-managed orchestration policies, global availability, and fulfillment monitoring can enable increased customer satisfaction and order profitability.

Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud provides fast, accurate, automated order promising capability on the Cloud to source and schedule each order line to help minimize fulfillment costs and maximize customer service.

Oracle's quote-to-cash solution is an end-to-end business process that integrates Oracle Order Management Cloud and Oracle Global Promising Cloud with Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud, connecting the sales, fulfillment and finance organizations.

Oracle's streamlined automated quote-to-cash process helps reduce complexity and IT costs by eliminating bottlenecks and errors for the end-to-end flow across sales, fulfillment and finance organizations. It is designed to increase an organization's overall sales effectiveness which is critical to improving their customer experience, revenues and margins. It is an integrated, flexible, scalable solution allowing organizations to automate the entire business process. Integration of these key business functions can improve order accuracy, drive fulfillment efficiency, reduce billing errors and strengthen revenue recognition processes.


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