Order Fulfillment for Grocery Retailers [New Products]

Order Fulfillment for Grocery Retailers [New Products]

Dematic has introduced the latest release of its real-time software automation platform, Dematic iQ 2.1 for grocery retailers. Dematic iQ automates and optimizes distribution center operations, coordinating material flow from receiving to shipping and enhancing equipment and labor productivity.

With version 2.1, enhanced load cubing algorithms reduce transportation costs by maximizing the number of cases on pallets and roll containers. The advanced multi-criteria optimization also works to eliminate product damage and load instability.

Dematic iQ 2.1 improves efficiency of split-case picking for small items like health and beauty products. The software incorporates advanced goods-to-person picking strategies using patent-pending inter-aisle transfer technology designed to reduce fulfillment costs. The results are lean goods-to-person solutions that require less capital-intensive equipment, while helping to improve order cycle times and reduce overall order fulfillment cost.


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