Organic Cohesive for Load Containment [New Products]

Organic Cohesive for Load Containment [New Products]

Lock N’ Pop, a load containment solution provider from Muller LCS and part of SIG, has introduced a new MMDV extrusion valve for its water-based cohesive which forms a chemical bond with package surfaces that holds firm until it’s time to un-stack the pallets. With increased demand, greater automation and changing load types, the MMDV valve allows Lock N’ Pop’s cohesive to be applied very quickly with exact intermission cycles.

The MMDV valve allows applications with very small dimensions and low space requirements to incorporate Lock N’ Pop without product waste or fear of incorporating new equipment. The MMDV series extrusion valve can be used with very low pressures which accommodates most plant air capabilities

Lock N’ Pop’s water-based cohesive is stronger than stretch wrap alone and is cold applied, making it safer than hot melt. It does not leave a sticky residue or harm packaging surfaces when unstacking/popping product apart. Lock N’ Pop further allows for heavy reductions in traditional packaging—stretch film, slip sheets, dunnage bags, corner boards and more can be virtually eliminated while maintaining proper load security.

Lock N’ Pop solutions are completely water-soluble, and require minimal maintenance on application equipment. Formulated with FDA approved ingredients, the cohesive can be applied to ambient as well as refrigerated or frozen goods.

Lock N’ Pop

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