Pallet-level Sensor Tracking [New Products]

Pallet-level Sensor Tracking [New Products]

CalAmp has introduced iOn Tag smart sensors that deliver granular visibility into product temperature, humidity, light, shock and movement at the package and pallet-level as shipments travel through the global supply chain.

With CalAmp iOn Tags and iOn Trak devices, companies can gain detailed insights into the conditions that can affect product quality—including total elapsed transit time and other environmental variables—to help ensure integrity of goods. With on-demand and custom alerts, shipments can be closely tracked and monitored as they move through the supply chain to maintain supply chain governance and regulatory compliance.

CalAmp iOn Tags are intelligent smart sensors that provide product verification through the CalAmp Supply Chain Integrity (SCI) system, a product visibility solution. With CalAmp iOn Tags and iOn Trak devices directly linked to CalAmp’s SCiOn Command Portal, users can follow products throughout transit to the end destination and assess whether potential risk situations have occurred or should be investigated. 



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