Pallet Separators [New Products]

Pallet Separators [New Products]

Mallard Manufacturing Corp. has expanded its line of pallet separators, a safety component in many pallet flow rack systems. The job of the pallet separator is to hold rear pallets back from the front “pick-face” pallet, relieving pallet forces (or back pressure) so that the front pallet can be extracted. Once the front pallet is removed, the pallet separator is released, allowing a controlled forward advance of the rear pallets. 

Pallet separators differ in terms of the type of release mechanism (i.e., foot-release, automatic, pneumatic) and are specified for the pallet flow lane depending on pallet weight and pitch.

Mallard Pallet Separator product options include:

Case-Pick Separator (CP-100 Series; shown)—Holds rear pallets back 4”-6” from the pick face. Foot-operated release.

Flex Separator (FS-200 Series)—Added safety for deeper lane, floor level, case-pick operations.

Forklift Separator (FL-300 Series)—Automatic pallet release engages when forklift removes front pallet.

Layer Pick Separator (LP-400 Series)—Separates front pallet until all cases are selected and empty pallet removed.

Ergo Cell Pneumatic Separator (PS-500 Series)—Isolate last pallet for boost to lift table or mobile cart via pneumatic controls.

Dual Pallet Separator (DP-600 Series)—Two separators strategically placed in deep-lane system for added safety.

Empty Pallet Return (EPR-700 Series)—Ergonomic way to manage empty pallets and increase productivity.

Mallard Manufacturing Corp.


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