Pallet Transfer Cart [New Products]

Pallet Transfer Cart [New Products]

Verti-Lift has introduced a heavy-duty transfer cart that can ergonomically move pallets and other heavy components (up to 4,000-pound capacity) within production environments.

This custom-designed solution includes a gravity roller conveyor, a pallet retaining bar to secure the load during transport, and a manual foot-actuated “locking/docking arm” for convenient hands-free operation. The cart is fitted with heavy-duty swivel casters which allow movement in all directions, to maneuver it into proper position, and stand up to heavy loads. A hitch and pin arrangement for towing is included so that multiple units can be used together.

This cart technology is suitable for moving wood, plastic and aluminum pallets, as well as shipping containers, equipment skids, component frames & bases, production equipment and more.

Workers roll the cart into position, then set the locking/docking bar to secure the cart in position beside an existing conveyor line. Once a pallet has been positioned onto the cart, the pallet retaining bar is lowered into position, thus securing the load for transport. Disengaging the foot switch releases the locking/docking bar and allows the cart and its pallet to be transported elsewhere within the facility to be offloaded onto another conveyor system.

Verti-Lift Inc.

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