Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck [New Products]

Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck [New Products]

Yale has introduced the GP040-060 MX pneumatic tire lift truck with over a trillion possible configurations.

The truck’s PSI engine, available in LPG or dual fuel, is specifically designed for industrial applications, with extended service intervals and advanced diagnostics to keep service time to a minimum. Yale Flex Performance Technology enables operators to tailor engine performance based on real-time demands, with selectable modes to either boost productivity during operational peaks or maximize fuel economy during lighter duty cycles.

The truck features Yale’s Hi-Vis 2 mast and bar-on-edge overhead guard design to enhance operator visibility for precise load placement and retrieval. Generous use of sealed connectors and hydraulic fittings reduce the chance of leaks, while canted load rollers provide mast stability and eliminate the need for periodic shimming.

In addition, the optional side-shifting fork positioner enables faster fork width adjustment, and ergonomic hand and foot controls further increase operator comfort and maneuverability while reducing fatigue.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.


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