Portable Scissor Lifts [New Products]

Portable Scissor Lifts [New Products]

Verti-Lift has introduced a line of Portable Scissor Lifts which are designed to move heavy loads between work cells.

Available as electric hydraulic with push-button hand pendant or manually operated with foot, these units provide the flexibility of a scissor lift with the portability of an adjustable work platform to enhance ergonomics. These lifts feature heavy-duty cylinders, lifetime lubricated bearings, safety maintenance blocks, and either foot brake or locking wheels.

Hydraulic units can be either electric, with internal power unit, or provided with 24V DC battery-powered power unit. With 24”, 36”, or 48” travel, and load capacities from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds, Portable Scissor Lifts can be fitted with various sized platforms, turn tables, or conveyors suitable for any in-plant material handling requirement.



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