Predictive Modeling Analytics Platform [New Products]

Predictive Modeling Analytics Platform [New Products]

Voxware has introduced Intellestra, a cloud-based predictive modeling and supply chain analytics platform. The new platform allows warehouse managers and supervisors to access a real-time aggregation view of all the data across the entire supply chain from sales forecasting systems to transportation management systems, shipping manifests and proof of delivery.

Supply chain leaders at every level of the retail operation from shift supervisor to DC manager and up to the VP of supply chain operations will be able to manage every aspect of picking, shipping, and distribution of products in real-time.

A Staffing Predictor feature is designed to help supply chain leaders understand staffing requirements, including full-time/part-time mix, based on relevant data, both historical and future projections, to efficiently meet throughput requirements to meet customer demand.

A Delivery Schedule gadget will provide at-a-glance insights that can help warehouse supervisors reroute trucks or adjust work orders to meet on-time departures and delivery commitments.


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