Predictive Real-Time Tracking [New Products]

Predictive Real-Time Tracking [New Products]

TransVoyant has introduced Precise Predictive Logistics (P2L), its supply chain-focused live and predictive Big Data analytics solution.

By tracking the real-time behavior and location of aircraft, ocean vessels, rail cars, trucks, ports, airports, routes and other supply chain nodes via the Internet of Things (IoT), TransVoyant's P2L solution provides supply chain professionals with live status updates and predictions for shipments, orders and items.

TransVoyant collects and analyzes a repository of real-time Big Data, and is reportedly capable of procesing over one trillion events a day. This includes live tracking of all methods of shipping, along with the behavior within and around all nodes of the supply chain, to include the many external events that cause delays and impact shipment performance.

TransVoyant P2L comes with pre-configured integration to a number of supply chain planning and execution systems along with a library of real time and predictive insights to address supply chain and risk domains.



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