Product Authentication Solution [New Products]

Product Authentication Solution [New Products]

Applied DNA Sciences Inc. has expanded its digitalDNA product authentication software and services platform to enable users’ business process controls and supply chain partner collaboration throughout the entire lifecycle of marking, validating and authenticating goods. The new features enhance the foundation of bar code item tracking layered with SigNature DNA as the forensic backstop.

New features on the secure cloud application include DNA custody management, forensic sample submission, CODA (certificate of DNA authentication) issuance, customer account administration, order placement, status tracking and reporting, and online training. Scanning bar code item numbers on marked goods enables individuals to post or access information about a product such as its geo-location, original image or associated documentation.

The system is operational and has managed the marking and authentication processes for over 40,000 electronics parts. Market-specific configurations have been demonstrated to businesses in textiles supply chain, printing/publishing, art and collectibles and law enforcement.

The cloud-based platform is designed to be customizable for the particular attributes of each customer's business and operates either as a stand-alone system or interfaced to an enterprise business system or other third-party platform. It conforms to strict security standards for ISO, PCI, and Federal Information Processing Standards.

This digitalDNA platform is designed as the data management and reporting hub for APDN's recently announced devices for DNA on-site authentication and optical mark in-field validation. In addition, using standard software and development tools, the system supports APDN-certified third-party devices such as InData Systems’ covert “invisible bar code” scanning, and any browser-based enterprise or consumer devices such as mobile computers, smartphones and tablets.

Applied DNA Sciences


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