RAIN RFID Gateway for Asset Tracking [New Products]

RAIN RFID Gateway for Asset Tracking [New Products]

Impinj has introduced xSpan, a new RAIN RFID gateway that delivers the real-time identity and transition detection of inventory, assets and other business-critical items. Designed for use in facility entrances and exits, doorways, hallways, hospital rooms and similar spaces, xSpan tracks items as they move along a path. xSpan can be used in retail stores as well as warehouse logistics and shipping environments.

xSpan joins Impinj’s existing xArray gateway in providing both item identity and location along a path. Impinj’s gateway products are part of the connectivity layer of the Impinj Platform, which includes endpoints, connectivity and software. 

xSpan’s features include:

Real-time Monitoring: A single xSpan provides continuous item visibility in a coverage area up to 1,000 square feet. Multiple xSpans combined with other Impinj connectivity devices can cover larger areas.

Transition Detection: Able to track items as they move along a path, xSpan can help companies understand when items are entering or exiting areas, or transitioning between zones.

Simple Deployment: xSpan is power-over-Ethernet (PoE), low-profile and lightweight, and can be installed on both ceilings and walls.


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