Ratchet Lever Hoist with RFID [New Products]

Ratchet Lever Hoist with RFID [New Products]

Columbus McKinnon Corp. has introduced the CM Bandit, an HMI-certified ratchet lever hoist, which is now available in 3- and 6-ton capacities, complementing the company’s initial offering of 3/4 and 1-1/2 ton units. New features include a 360° rotating handle, corrosion-resistant gold chromate chain and bolt-on hooks for easy inspection.

The company also launched CM Smart ID radio frequency identification technology as a standard feature on all Bandit units for the U.S. market. CM Smart ID chips are associated with detailed product specifications before the hoist leaves the factory. This information can then be integrated into inventory and inspection management systems for more effective tracking of safety and hoist location information.

New 3 and 6 ton models of the CM Bandit also feature the Tri-Point Hook Inspection System, which consists of three distinct raised points on the hook that the operator can use to detect any indication of overload or deformation. 

Columbus McKinnon Corp.

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