Real-Time Asset Location Tracking [New Products]

Real-Time Asset Location Tracking [New Products]

IntelliTrack has integrated its cloud-based asset tracking software application, StratusAssets, with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) asset beacons and cloud nodes to develop one comprehensive solution that enables companies to have real-time visibility of the location of their critical assets or inventory. This real-time location system (RTLS) is suitable for warehouse distribution centers, and other businesses looking to track and monitor physical assets.

By setting up instant mobile notifications or logging into the secure and encrypted StratusAssets application, users can visually see where assets are located, when assets move, and if they move at the wrong time or are moved by the wrong owner or personnel.

This turnkey solution, which includes beacons, readers, apps and cloud software, allows for rapid deployment. IntelliTrack’s asset beacons can also be read by most iOS and Android smartphones and mobile computers, extending asset tracking capabilities across the entire enterprise. 

IntelliTrack Inc.

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