Real-time Cargo Monitoring [New Products]

Real-time Cargo Monitoring [New Products]

Locus Traxx Worldwide has introduced the SmartTraxx GO XL, an in-transit ocean cargo monitoring and tracking device that features a 60-day battery life.

SmartTraxx provides real-time temperature, location and security monitoring information for perishable and high-value shipments.

When a ship leaves port, the GO XL begins recording. As the ship nears the next port, the GO XL automatically connects and pushes all of your data before the ship even docks.
The information generated by the GO XL may also be accessed through Locus Traxx Worldwide’s Traxx GO panel. Traxx GO is a web interface that allows you to monitor your cargo right from the website. Traxx GO is available 24-7.

Locus Traxx Worldwide


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