Real-time Fulfillment Solution [New Products]

Real-time Fulfillment Solution [New Products]

JDA Software Group Inc. has introduced new capabilities within its JDA Intelligent Fulfillment portfolio to enable organizations to make intelligent and profitable distribution decisions.

JDA Demand is designed to reduce out-of-stocks and excess inventory via improved demand management processes. New capabilities include improved collaboration and agility. Through real-time, social collaboration embedded into key planning workflows, planning stakeholders can collaborate by sharing questions and comments intuitively, including the ability to automatically link the discussion to context. Also, new workflows are driven by persona-driven, predictive KPIs and dashboards. Highly configurable dashboards, exceptions and KPIs surface key focus areas using historical metrics and predictive KPIs that change dynamically as plans are altered.

JDA Fulfillment leverages real-time demand signals and forward-looking market forecasts, to help users create an accurate, time-phased inventory plan. Constraint-aware planning gives warehouse planners the visibility to see space capacity issues before they occur. Alerting a planner to exceptions that may occur before the inventory is shipped to the warehouse helps them decide to delay shipments in or expedite shipments out, procure additional storage space or bypass a location entirely. Customer-level prioritization and replenishment planning enables manufacturers to segment and prioritize supply for key customers—planning orders, forecasts and safety stock down to the customer level. Meanwhile, retailers can prioritize omni-channel demand signals and ensure that online or in-store orders are met first.

JDA Transportation Management now features packaged integration with TransVoyant, FourKites and INTTRA to enable carrier connectivity, efficient on-boarding, real-time visibility and predictive analytics. This gives users the ability to leverage predictive analytics to see how their plan might change in advance based on weather, natural disasters and other supply chain disruptions.

JDA Warehouse Management features a revised user experience within JDA Warehouse Management and JDA Warehouse Labor Management. The updated interface provides the right information at the right time and right on the warehouse floor. New dashboards ensure labor activities are properly tracked and measured through an intuitive user experience. And, by leveraging mobile devices on the warehouse floor, managers and supervisors can measure employee productivity against expectations for more proactive labor management.

JDA Software Group Inc.

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