Retail Asset Visibility Solution [New Products]

Retail Asset Visibility Solution [New Products]

Zebra Technologies Corp. has introduced Zebra SmartSense for Retail asset visibility solution, an enterprise asset intelligence offering that combines UHF RFID, video and a new micro-location capability to identify and track the journey and location of merchandise, associates and shoppers in a retail store in real-time. A powerful edge analytics engine analyzes data from these sources to provide intelligent and actionable insights to achieve optimal stocking levels, detect and identify misplaced merchandise or assets, pinpoint theft and enhance store promotions and product placement activities.

SmartSense for Retail provides complete visibility of the entire store with up-to-the-minute location information on tagged inventory, employees and customers who have opted into the network or loyalty application.

An intuitive dashboard and centralized management console provides operational, actionable data to support greater inventory accuracy, omni-channel operations and asset protection across the entire enterprise.

Knowledge of merchandise location helps associates quickly respond to customer requests, whether in-store or via omni-channel store pick-up. With SmartSense for Retail, retailers can also locate lost merchandise, proactively prevent theft and ensure best-selling items are on display during peak shopping periods.

Location intelligence also helps retailers track the journey of a piece of merchandise, including items that are at risk of being stolen. SmartSense for Retail also helps track critical employee assets like handheld RFID readers and mobile computers.

Zebra Technologies Corp.

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