Retail Inventory and Fulfillment Solution [New Products]

Retail Inventory and Fulfillment Solution [New Products]

Manhattan Associates Inc. has announced new capabilities for its omni-channel Store Inventory & Fulfillment solution, which provides real-time views of inventory and enables cross-channel order processing and fulfillment from one mobile device.

Store inventory operations have traditionally been associated with point-of-sale (POS) or merchandising applications, yet an accurate view of store-level inventory is critical for effective omni-channel fulfillment. Because Manhattan’s Store Inventory & Fulfillment solution is part of a broader Manhattan omni-channel operations platform, it provides capabilities for managing store inventory, executing in-store pickup and shipping orders from the store, with no latency and no additional integration required. The key features include:         

New In-Store Picking Capabilities: Using a single mobile-enabled device, store associates can now stage pickup orders by assigning unique location IDs, significantly reducing customer wait times. Additionally, the new pick-to-slot feature directs associates to sort items into different totes for each order in the batch, reducing time to pack and ship items.

Intelligent Linking of Inventory and Fulfillment Operations: The system is now capable of automatically generating a cycle count task for all items that were rejected during the order fulfillment process. Furthermore, the solution can now automate the re-routing and/or cancellation of unprocessed orders under qualified conditions.

Extended Mobility Options: Store associates can now use an iPad mini in addition to the iPod touch and enterprise-grade Android and Windows devices.  To better streamline notifications of high-priority tasks, such as pickup orders, the system can be configured to generate push notifications that overcome the need for the associate to periodically navigate to the app to stay informed.

Manhattan Associates Inc.


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