RFID Cable Seals for Containers and Trailers [New Products]

RFID Cable Seals for Containers and Trailers [New Products]

CYBRA Corp. has introduced the Lock & EnCode RFID SmartSeals, which are BAP (Battery Assisted Passive) RFID cable seals that combine long-range RFID-reading performance with temperature, cable insert and cable cut sensors.

The new electronic tamper sensing seals are designed for logistics, cold chain and homeland security applications that require enhanced security such as securing shipping containers, bulk carriers and trailers. They are also suitable for other high value assets such as IT and laboratory equipment.

Featuring long range RFID reading—up to 18 feet with circular polarized antenna—the SmartSeal’s embedded sensors track the seal’s state. The galvanized steel cable unravels when cut, thus preventing reuse.

CYBRA Lock & EnCode SmartSeals are delivered with programmed RFID User Data encoded and are permalocked to match serial numbers supplied by customer at time of order. The SmartSeals are laser printed with customer logo or name, serial number, and Code 128 bar code.




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